Cutthroat Tournament results from February 15, 2014

Attached are the pictures from the cutthroat Tournament.
Major prize winners of $50 gift certificates from Johnny Walker were Dick
Hafner and Roger Mcfarlane.
Individual bracket winners were:
        Bob Shaef, 2nd Roger McFarlane
        Pat Schuler, 2nd Eric Abney
        Aaron Wurdack, 2nd Johnny Walker
        John Love and Paul Johnson
        Justin baker, 2nd Glenn Gartland & Mike Reilly
        Jeff Olsen, 2nd Pat Lunn

Twenty-eight players braved the cold and snow to have a great time
playing handball.
After playing, lunch was sponsored by the GCHA and provided by Beth
Paul Baker had the club in handbll ready shape for play.
Courts five and six have been painted by the UC handball team and look